Mobile Dialer
Roobymax Mobile Dialer is a mobile client used to make cheap international calls from mobile phone. With Roobymax Mobile Dialer, now you can be assured of that you make more international calls and pay less.
PC Dialer
Roobymax PC Dialer is a softphone dialer that allows users to make cheap international calling from PC. Available in multiple colors and skins, this is the best desktop client to make long distance calls.
Know about Rooby
Roobymax is an international telecommunications service and solutions provider that allows you to make long distance calls from your computer and Mobile handset. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can call anywhere in the world with a clear, seamless connection. Now, you no longer have to worry about the excessive expense of a regular calling plan with your phone company, nor do you have to deal with the hassle of phone cards! Roobymax provides services and products for personal, business and enterprise use. So, whether you're trying to get in touch with your family in Australia, your partners in China, or your customer is in India, Roobymax can make it happen. Browse our services and solutions to find a plan that's best for you today! We bring the world to your fingertips.

International Call
International Calls helps end-users to make cheap international calls to any country. You can get the cheap international calling privilege very easily from Roobymax. Available in varied denominations, the International Calls is offered to suit every need. This account saves a lot on international roaming and assures best network quality by offering cheap VoIP calls. Calls can be made by using devices such as PC, phone, IP devices, etc.
Roobymax offers you International Calls which allow users to make long distance cheap VoIP calls using mobile phones, PC or IP devices.
The calling account comes in different packages. Presently, Roobymax offers calling account to make calls through following applications and devices.

Calling from your Smartphone?
We’ve got an app for that.
Roobymax is all about choice. Would you rather call from your PC, Android or iPhone? Download one of our free apps and get started saving on your international calling instantly. The best part? You can make free mobile to mobile calls to any Roobymax member so get your friends to download an app too.

Reseller Benefits:
Quick start of operations.
Private Label options.
Resellers can create 'N' level of resellers under them.
Roobymax provides 24X7 service support desk to the resellers.
Unlimited Bandwidth.
Roobymax has multiple points of presence in USA and Hong Kong, giving redundancy to the network.
Resellers can anytime upgrade from Gold to Platinum packages.
Single Pin for all calling devices.
Easy user interface, for customer and account management.